Annette Wiley
Sharing the message of hope.

Lump of Clay

Though I have never tried my hand at a potter’s wheel, I’m fascinated by the craft and of the amazing results. Each piece is unique and lovely and varies in finishes. Some are crafted to serve a purpose and others for display. Each is a work of art. Handmade pottery is just that. The potter’s […]

Life is a Roller Coaster

I was an adult before I faced my fear of roller coasters. Fear also tinged my relationship with God. There have been twists and turns, slow, agonizing climbs to the top, harrowing drops, and shots forward with my head plastered to the headrest while my hands squeeze the life out of the safety bar. It’s […]

Hi, nice to meet you!

Annette Wiley Charleston Light Christian Fiction Novel

Annette’s adult life began in Orlando, Florida, where she married her high school sweetheart. Her husband joined the United States Air Force four months after their wedding, and the Wiley family story took flight. While in the military, they raised three sons and enjoyed the opportunities to explore living in different cities and Germany. Their […]

The Dance Instructor

Haven’t you found that as you read a good story, your imagination takes flight? Pausing after reading a chapter in a book, I pictured myself in the scene. In the story, an elderly man was teaching a teenager how to waltz. The words on the page drew me back to some favorite memories of my […]

The Thief of Joy

I suffer from a familiar ailment, comparing myself to others. We all know people who seem to have so many gifts. Recently, I was thinking about a friend of mine I have known for many years. We were both young military wives and mothers stationed together, away from other family members and support systems. She […]